June 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates…

I’ve had 2 meetings away from the office this week, plus Jordan’s grandfather passed away on Monday… so I’ve only been working in the office for 2 days this week, trying to cram in 5 days of work into 2, plus helping Shannon with a project, and then not being around much in the evening. Hopefully, I’ll get some time over the holiday to have some fun refreshing things to post, but right now it’s all about the in-laws… oy!

UPDATED: Closing it just shy of the one week mark… since I won’t be online tomorrow. Will have another one soon, I’m sure!

Music Meme

It might be excessive to be playing this again so soon… but it’s fun… I’m bored… and while Eddie and I were drinking last night, we decided once a month is not enough… for now!

The Rules (in case you want to do it too!)

Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random.
Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post it on your blog and let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly & post the title in bold after the stricken song.
Step 5: Looking the lyrics up on Google or any other search engine is cheating! Please play nice!

Also, if you know the song – leave your guess in a comment, if you are right, I will post your name (or link if you prefer). Have fun!

The Songs

1. “when I’m walkin down the street I call your name inside my head I go insane don’t you know that it’s really makin’ me crazy” Dannii Minogue – I Begin To Wonder

2. “you’re not half the man you think you are save your words because you’ve gone too far I listened to all your lies and all your stories” Madonna – Sorry

3. “do you know my name well I ain’t gonna take that big time line gonna call out to these embers waiting to ignite gonna pull you up by your love, by your love and tell you” **Cyndi Lauper – Shine** ShannonH

4. “oh it’s so hot and I need some air and boy don’t stop cuz I’m halfway there it’s not complicated we’re too syncopated we can read each other’s minds” Britney Spears – Breathe On Me

5. “why every time I call it the same thing you be on the phone with Elaine or either Shawna or Donna
-But T-Bird I’m the phone with my Momma” B-Rock & The Bizz – MyBabyDaddy

6. “why everything that’s supposed to be bad make me feel so good everything they tell me not to is exactly what I would” Kanye West – Addiction

7. “woke up this morning with a smile on my face jumped out of bed took a shower dressed cleaned up my place made me some breakfast toast 2 scrambled eggs grits” Jill Scott – The Way

8. “I read you and God i’m good at it I’m so spot on chord shapes in air go press that dissonance if you dare” **Frou Frou – Breathe In** ShannonH

9. “I worry I weigh 3 times my body I worry I throw my fear around but this morning, there’s a calm I can’t explain rock candy’s melted, only diamonds now remain” John Mayer – Clarity

10. “just like the white wing dove sings the songs sounds like she’s singing whoo whoo whoo” **Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen** ShannonH

11. “if Peter Piper pecked him I betcha Biggie bust em he probably tried to fuck him, I told him not to trust him lyrically I dust em off like Pledge” Lil’ Kim – Queen Bitch

12. “you’ve got your mother & your brother every other undercover tellin’ you what to say you think I’m stupid but the truth is that it’s cupid baby lovin’ you has made me this way” **Kelly Clarkson – Walkaway** ShannonH

13. “I’m feelin’ fine cuz in time I’ll be out tonight I’m startin’ now makin’ sure I look fine tonight call Rene & Boo gotta meet them soon tell T. to call Shawn I’ll be there at 1 when we show up all the guys at the club wanna get our backs” Janet Jackson – Go Deep

14. “toe to toe dancing very close barely breathing almost comatose wall to wall people hypnotized and they’re stepping lightly” Blondie – Rapture

15. “tonight your mine completely you give your love so sweetly tonight the light of love is in your eyes” Me First & The Gimme Gimme’s – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

16. “clever girl think you are but you think too much shut down turn around don’t look that way anymore” Kylie Minogue – Did It Again

17. “don’t wish, don’t start wishing only wounds the heart there’s a girl I know he loves her so” **Wicked OBCR – I’m Not That Girl** EddieZ

18. “whatcha gonna do with all that junk all that junk inside yo trunk
-I’m a get get get get get you drunk get you love drunk”
**Black Eyed Peas – My Humps**ShannonH

19. “standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona and I’m quite sure I’m in the wrong song 2 girl 65 got a piece tied up in the backseat said honey we’re recovering christians” **Tori Amos – In The Springtime of His Voodoo** ShannonH

20. “I came I saw I kicked some ass the pain I caused it makes me love cuz the way I do my thing is strange I just inject myself into your veins” Boomkat – The Wreckoning


Found something worthwhile in blogsville this morning. From the usual pipeline of Eddie found this on Scott-O-Rama

Rambling Along in Life took this pictures and wants to spread the word about our ability to be both gay and American, in spite of what the haters say. I think it’s a worthy cause, and a gorgeous picture!

You can link it to you blog too, just shoot a comment over to Kelly to let him know your joining in on the fun.


So Marvel has decided, since summer isn’t busy enough with all of their characters busy fighting in a “Civil War”, except for the Hulk and some of the X-Men, who are fighting in space, why not have Storm and the Black Panther get married.

Storm, one of the greatest X-Men leaders, a mainstay on the team, and someone who has never really dated the Black Panther.

The Black Panther, the leader of an African utopia called “Wakanda”, and a character constantly struggling to not be written all contrived and stereotypical.

So how do we make this conceivable!? Well, have successful Black novelist, Eric Jerome Dickey, write a six issue mini-series, re-writing Storm’s history to include a teenaged relationship with the Black Panther. And as well written as this series may be, I still feel manipulated into supporting this marriage.

Other memorable comic book marriages, have had a reason: Spidey & Mary Jane and Cyclops & Jean Grey are couples who have been together for years, and their marriages were long awaited milestones.

This Storm/BP thing is totally out of nowhere. And Storm has much better suitors… Forge, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, even Bishop; these are all relationships that have been bubbling under for years. And the Black Panther, since he’s been an Avenger before, wouldn’t Tigra be a better choice!? I’m mean she’s a cat-woman for chrissakes! It just seems like, for no apparent reason, Marvel has picked their 2 most prominent Black characters, and shoved them together to sell some comics. (I guess it’s working, because I’m buying them) (On another note, in a press release, Marvel erroneously referred to the Black Panther as African American. Dudes, he’s just African… are you scared to refer to him as Black when his name is as controversial as “The Black Panther”!?)

So I’ve got another month or so to go to find out how this really works out… but at this time… it just feels so forced.

(On the other hand, Storm’s wedding dress looks fierce!)
and look how big Kitty Pryde’s jugs look in that bridesmaid dress. she’s apparently had work done for the wedding. probly the same place Emma Frost went

So yeah… I saw X-Men 3 again last night. And when it gets to the $3 theatre I’m going to see it more. I’m still trying to decide if I can call it my favorite one. Shannon went with me, and I’m glad she enjoyed it, but because she is a non-dork (at least as far as comics), I spent a good part of the ride home suspending her disbelief. But at least it proves to me that there is a market for the X-Men with non-geeks, and the studio better get to work on X4… or even Wolverine… cause I’ll totally be there opening night… and probably 3 times after that!

Whole of my body was jumping though… and even if it was my second time, I was still caught with my mouth wide open several times. Something about the X-Men turns me into a drooling geek,

And I love it.

Jermaine Dupri, the “mastermind” behind Mariah Carey’s return, and many other “hit” records of the past year; who is currently in the studio ruining the sound of Janet’s album… had this to say about Janet’s new single:

“It’s a duet between her and Nelly,” Dupri said. “It’s the jump-off. It’s really just a record about when you need a friend, somebody you need to talk to, just call on a person. It’s a friend record. It ain’t really a boyfriend/girlfriend record. The way Nelly and Janet is talking is more girlfriend/boyfriend, but it really goes out to friends.”

Which is it Jermaine?? Are they friends or are they fucking?

I may have downloaded this song this past weekend, and to me, it sounds like a nap. A long nap. Maybe the dirt-nap that has become Janet’s career since she flapped her titty on national TV. So where we once had an artist who conquered her wispy frail voice by giving us some tremendous dance routines, and some incredible pop/dance/hip-hop anthems, is now going to do what her yawn-inducing rat-faced boyfriend tells her, and put out an album of mundane Mariah castoffs, and sleep away the rest of her career.

Janet, I miss you. Give me a call when you’re back in Controoo-oool.

So we’re right in the middle of Gay Pride month. On the eve of Baltimore Gay Pride, you know the red headed stepchild between DC and New York. Philly’s cousin. That time of year where for a weekend, me and all my gay friends crowd the streets to cheer on our gay brothers and sisters and friends, get drunk, and dance at the disco club. Fun for all… I think. Anyway, before I go rock out to the sounds of Tiffany (really?) and Junior Vasquez (really!?); I wanted to share with you all, my thoughts on gay unions and the sanctity of marriage.

If the gays can’t marry, the straights can’t divorce.

Marinate on that!


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