So I’m carrying on the blogger tradition of 100 things about me… I’m guessing only 20 of them are going to be all that interesting, so here goes.

1. I was born on November 4th, 1980.
2. That was the day Reagan was elected president.
3. It wasn’t my fault.
4. That date does make me a Scorpio, though.
5. My eyes are blue, but they vary in shades, like mood eyes.
6. My hair is naturally brown.
7. I tend to color my hair a lot.
8. Blond is my usual color.
9. I live with my 2 cats.
10. My longest relationship was 2.5 years.
11. It ended, but I’m ever the optimist about something better coming along.
12. I used to be really jaded about that love stuff.
13. It could return.
14. My favorite musical artist is Kylie Minogue.
15. My 2nd favorite is Tori Amos.
16. My 3rd favorite is Lil’ Kim.
17. I don’t think that’s excessive.
18. I love my iPod.
19. I read a lot of comic books.
20. My collection is worth over $11,000 and there are over 2,000 books.
21. My favorite comic is the X-Men, but they have like 4 teams & 5-6 books on a monthly basis.
22. I don’t think comics are a waste of money.
23. My favorite character is Rogue.
24. I’m also fond of Ms. Marvel, Sunspot, Dazzler, Jubilee, Dust, Northstar, & Beast.
25. I used to be a concert junkie, but now I have more bills to pay, so I go less.
26. I’ve seen Tori Amos, Lil’ Kim, Cyndi Lauper, 4 Lilith Fairs, 2 HFStivals, Alanis, Blondie, Janet Jackson, B-52’s, John Mayer, Imogen Heap, the True Colors Tour, Nelly Furtado & so many more.
27. I met Tori a few times, & Cyndi Lauper & Missy Elliott once.
28. I’m still dying to see Kylie in concert. I have tickets to one of her London shows in July 2008.
29. I like all kinds of music.
30. I’ve become disenfranchised with the state of pop music today.
31. I’ve been acting since I was about 12.
32. I’ve have yet to have a lead role in a show.
33. That pisses me off sometimes.
34. I have done some awesome shows though. ‘Laramie Project’ & ‘If Memory Serves’ are favorites.
35. I also took up sound design a few years ago.
36. I’m pretty good at it, for local theatre.
37. I got screwed over by BACI Management, but karma’s a bitch, they’re bankrupt now.
38. I helped open a dinner theatre, then worked in it for a year.
39. It sucked the life out of me, so I quit.
40. I wish I was a DJ, but I can’t spin.
41. I’ve been clubbing since I was 15.
42. I don’t go as much now that I’m older.
43. My favorite clubs are Tracks (DC), Roxy (NYC), & the Hippo (Baltimore).
44. I like being gay.
45. I love horror movies.
46. I also love indie flicks, comedies, & comic book movies.
47. Kevin Smith & John Waters are my favorite directors.
48. My parents have ditched me in Maryland.
49. My mom moved to Florida, & my dad to California. I like it here, for now.
50. They divorced when I was a toddler.
51. I have a good relationship with my family.
52. I love buying gifts at Christmas.
53. I love fall weather.
54. Flip flops are my favorite clothing item.
55. My pet peeves are socks with sandles & whistling.
56. I love macaroni & cheese, it’s my ultimate comfort food.
57. Also BLT sandwiches on untoasted wheat bread.
58. I’m a good cook, & I enjoy cooking.
59. I maker killer onion dips – one kind is hot, one kind is cold.
60. I usually drink beer when I go out, since I like it & it’s cheap.
61. When I drink at home, I prefer wine, margaritas or Amaretto sours.
62. My grandmother once got drunk off the fruit in a pitcher of Sangria & we tease her about it to this day.
63. I’ve experimented with a couple drugs, but they’re not for me.
64. Except smoking, I’ve been doing that since I was 15.
65. I know it’s a nasty habit & I working on quitting this year.
66. I attempted a year & a half of community college &hated it.
67. I dropped out in 2000, & returned part time in 2007. Hopefully I’ll graduate in 2009!! I don’t hate it as much now, but it’s still kind of a drag.
68. I currently work in healthcare education & it’s not so bad. Great benefits package.
69. At 18, I never guessed a great benefits package would matter to me.
70. At 26, it keeps me from moving on to another jobs.
71. I just bought my first house. A one bedroom condo, small, but affordable!
72. Being grown up is a weird combination of sucky & validating.
73. I think comic books & toys keep me from being too overwhelmed with growing up.
74. Video games too. I have a PS2 & I love it.
75. I’m partial to the X-Men, Kingdom Hearts, & Evil Dead video games.
76. Driving & fighting games bore me. Except the one where I can fight as Lil’ Kim.
77. I used to have a paper route.
78. I used to work at K-mart & Old Navy.
79. I used to work at a bank & a restaurant.
80. I used to work in a club in DC.
81. I used to work at a local gift shop with an old-fashioned soda fountain.
82. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
83. I first got in trouble with the law at 12, for shoplifting.
84. The last time was at 20 for underage possession of alcohol.
85. I’m not counting speeding/traffic violations.
86. My first car was an 89 Ford Escort Pony. Red.
87. My second car was a 99 Dodge Neon. Blue.
88. My current car is an 04 Hyundai Accent. Green.
89. My dream car is a Dodge Caliber, impractically it’s a Lexus or a Mustang.
90. I’m not a very good singer.
91. But that hasn’t stopped me from doing musicals or karaoke.
92. I have 3 tattoos. For now.
93. My ears & my left nipple are pierced. That’s enough. For now.
94. I have a birthmark that comes & goes, from my forehead to the back of my neck.
95. I’m named after my dad. Making me a Jr.
96. I hated cats until I got a cat. His name is Dipstick, then I adopted another – Kitty Pryde.
97. I work hard for the money.
98. I’m a registered Democrat.
99. I live in Hampden. The “Hon” area of Baltimore. (Technically Medfield, but they’re real close.)
100. I’ve never lived in any other states. But I’ve visited.

2 Responses to “100 things about toonsNtunes”

  1. shannon Says:

    technically it’s medfield, you fuckin’ poser.

  2. andrew Says:

    oh my root- i was in baltimore for business a few years ago and went to the hippo with some friends who met me from philly- i begged at least 5 people to use my camera and take our picture and everyone refused!!!! wtf?

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